Circa 2,999 (the year of the YugiDragon), YugiBaos have developed consciousness and intelligence to a level that they are self-sufficient.

To protect their soft, fluffy and steamy bodies, they have developed an exoskeleton called the MechBao, a type of personal robotic armor that keeps the YugiBao population safe from natural adversities and predators.

The MechBao keeps the YugiBao in a favorable ecosystem, whether in daily tasks or in the battlefield. At a temperature of 41 degrees Celcius and a humidity of 69%, the YugiBao feels as comfortable as in the bamboo basket that has traditionally been their home for thousands of years.

Of course, as any intelligent being living in a society, every YugiBao has their own personality and interest, which leads to all kind of situations any other society might relate to.

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